Top 4 Change Management Software Solutions

Corporate transformation is a messy business. In the digital age where developments are lightning fast and a forever changing saga, it can be difficult for management to keep up with such a process without the right tools… and in this case change management software.   The change process can be peppered with all sorts of

[Infographic] Emojis of Change: Telling the story of change management

Many of you will remember my 7 Emojis of Change Post – I decided to transform it into an infographic. Previously, I explained how the change process results in a whirlwind of emotions and those involved will, at times, struggle to deal with the new reality.   Another thought occurred to me recently, I wondered

4 Barriers to Organizational Change

“Staying in business” is a misleading phrase. The “staying” part implies that your business should be still.   Rather, it should be “Keeping up with business” or at least “Staying in the race of business” to incorporate the reality that a business needs to change to be successful.   Why? Because fundamental parts of the

Painless Transition Using Performance Support Systems

Performance Support Systems: Addressing the software pain points I am going to say something now that will shock you – The way you possibly train your employees is wrong and isn’t working.   Let me explain before my blog is burnt down for change management heresy. A huge aspect of change management is the training

No Pain November: Addressing the Change Management Pain Points

No pain, no gain. You’ve heard that one right? While that may hold true in the gym, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be true when it comes to change management.   All those pain points you’ve experienced in the past, all those difficulties while implementing a change, we’re going to