[Infographic] Barriers To Digital Transformation

  According to research by Forrester, only 19% of companies report they have the right technology for digital transformation.   The process of digitally transforming an established business is no small undertaking. Implementing a comprehensive strategy has been cited by Deloitte as a critical factor in the process of becoming digitally mature. The key to

Top 4 Change Management Software Solutions

Corporate transformation is a messy business. In the digital age where developments are lightning fast and a forever changing saga, it can be difficult for management to keep up with such a process without the right tools… and in this case change management software.   The change process can be peppered with all sorts of

Painless Transition Using Performance Support Systems

Performance Support Systems: Addressing the software pain points I am going to say something now that will shock you – The way you possibly train your employees is wrong and isn’t working.   Let me explain before my blog is burnt down for change management heresy. A huge aspect of change management is the training

4 Software Change Management Tools to Use

In order to have a successful business, it’s important you find the best software change management tools. Change management is very important to help you grow your business quickly. This management system can improve your business performance effectively. However, you need to control and manage this system properly. Therefore, you need to use the best

Technology Change Management Process Guide

Effective technology change management ensures that changes to a system or product are introduced in a properly controlled and coordinated manner. It ensures that the negative effects of changes to IT systems are minimized by making available, a standardized process to govern the Information Technology system in the company. Obviously, some changes in the Information

Easy Organization Software Change Management Flow Using WalkMe

Change management is an annoying topic for those who don’t have a love for the discipline. It’s tedious to work with, and it can get tedious to talk about, too. Either way, though, it’s a necessity to deal with it, and often enough, you’ll find this responsibility thrust upon you despite it not being your

Recommended IT Change Management Software

With IT’s role changing but becoming further cemented as integral in this technology-centric business world, a unique set of problems has arisen, and they were inevitable problems at that. Since technology changes constantly, and things become obsolete at an economic rate, the need for IT change management software is a big one. The problem is,