4 Barriers to Organizational Change

“Staying in business” is a misleading phrase. The “staying” part implies that your business should be still.   Rather, it should be “Keeping up with business” or at least “Staying in the race of business” to incorporate the reality that a business needs to change to be successful.   Why? Because fundamental parts of the

4 Phases of Employee Distress & How to Handle Them

Oftentimes employees react negatively when hearing about a proposed organizational change because a fear of the unknown. Let’s take a look at four main phases that employees typically go through during periods of organizational change and how you can best handle them. 1. We’re Doing WHAT? The Initial Shock New changes can leave employees feeling

7 Fun and Engaging Change Management Exercises

Getting everyone across your organization to accept and implement change effectively can be incredibly difficult. In his book Leading Change, John Knotter reported that a shocking 70% of all change initiatives in businesses fail. A further study by Geneca found that 75% of participants lacked confidence that their change projects would succeed. While successful change implementation