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3 Tips for Change Management Presentation

3 Tips for Change Management Presentation

There can be a number of definitions for the concept of change management presentation, from how you will describe it and diagram it for application, to how you will reveal it when explaining it to stakeholders, colleagues or those being affected by the change.

Well, I’ve not had to make presentations in a long time, at least with quality standards that were very high. But, one thing I do have a lot of experience with is change management itself. So, I think I can give some advice on change management presentation.

Don’t expect this to be about the aesthetics and layout of the presentations, because that’s all about taste and creative choice. This is about the things you need to address, and the order in which you must address them, and how to address them.

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This is not a difficult, but really is helpful to have a good grasp of how to do this, because you will need to present this to people at some point. No point in running away from it.

First, you’ll need to create a case for change, but before you do that, you need to identify the symptom of a problem and the identity of the cause as well.

You’ll need to illustrate these negative causes and effects, and then present trends based on remedying these problems. This offers the chance for things to be better, and even during positive status quo, people never say no to better, now do they?

Once you’ve illustrated this, you’ll want to go on to illustrate the nature of the change you want to make, and how it will remedy the problems that were pointed out.

You’ll then want to lay out what changes must be made to support the greater change, and so forth. You’ll want to illustrate the training needed in order to implement the changes.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to talk about your strategies, your cycles, and your schedule to get there from here, and explain why you plan to do it this way.

Finally, if presenting this to the people who must endure the changes, then you’ll want to give them a call to action. You’ll want to incentivize them to excel at adopting the changes and supporting the goal the change is intended to achieve.

How you incentivize them, what you offer and what your methods are is entirely up to you, and depends on the situation at hand. So, you’ll need to have a good sense of intuition to make those decisions, because there’s no way we can advise on scenarios we cannot possibly predict.

So, if you’re making a change management presentation, then follow the order of things above, and do it with a gentle hand. People being told they need to change the way they do things can accidentally take it as a deeply cutting judgment of them and their capacity to perform work. So, be sure to keep in mind that the feelings of the people being affected are also significantly important. That ability to handle the human element, and to work dynamically with people isn’t really something that can be taught, though.

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