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3 Change Management Software Options That Bring Real Value

3 Change Management Software Options That Bring Real Value

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

Changes in the IT framework may emerge in many ways

  • As a reaction to business issues.
  • From a company’s administrative planning.
  • Proactive change comes from looking for enhanced effectiveness and viability or from projects, tasks or administration change activities.

In every change environment the right tools are as important as the right people, plan and attitude. Here are 3 change management applications that can bring real value to your change initiative.


1. Rocket Aldon – Leverage. Optimize. Transform

Rocket Aldon is one of the best programs for implementing change management in a company. It comes with a wide array of features and is very easy to use. Companies benefit from extensive in-app help as well as a range of frequently asked questions. Robotize everything that happens from the minute a change appeal comes up and until the time you convey your solution. Rocket ALM items guarantee that your IT demands, ventures, changes, and discharges are reliably followed, overseen, and promptly available over your whole IT association. From operations to administration everything is automated.

The product lifecycle administration of Rocket Aldon begins when an appeal is issued or a bug is accounted for, and proceeds through advancement to discharge and generation. They do this all while letting your groups work in the way they work best. You will have the capacity to oversee work process, constructs and discharges, forming and setup, while keeping up complete control of what is going on.

With this software’s IT work results, you never need to stress over something escaping everyone’s notice. They quicken the work process and handle change administration in a way that meets your one-of-a-kind business needs.

Rocket Aldon effectively coordinates change management exercises giving you a chance to track change appeals, authorize support procedures, secure prerequisites, all while computerizing work process and reporting. Along these lines, you can react rapidly to change while supporting business prerequisites and gathering due dates. Overseeing change solicitations and endorsements has never been so natural.


2. IBM Rational – Speed Innovation Across the Enterprise

IBM Rational offers a more intelligent approach to deal with your needs that can help lower your improvement costs by up to 57%, speed up time to market by up to 20% and lower expense of value by up to 69%. Intended for cooperation purposes, groups can work all the more successfully across time zones and supply chains.

Offering transparent access to documents and parallel improvement help, IBM Rational programming and design administration gives employees controlled access to projects they have to make, redesign, assemble and reuse.

This software program is very useful in change management, but it comes at a price. New users can request a free trial (90-days) to test its capabilities and effectiveness.

3. Giva – Service Management Suite

Established in 1999, Giva was among the first to offer a suite of solutions built for the cloud. The Giva Service Management Suite is an instinctive, simple to-use service that that can be set up in just an hour.

Giva’s quick and effortless reporting rapidly measures group success, responsiveness and client fulfillment. This brings about better decision making. Customization and setup are achieved without no programming or experts needed. The highly pleasing and intuitive interface offers many automation options which can be implemented with just few clicks.

Companies employing any of the three above solutions have seen an increase in productivity. Since the solutions mentioned above might not be right for your company  potential customers should always request a trial or demo in order to test the change management software’s capacities.

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