The 3 Phase Plan to Individual and Organizational Change Management Integration

I recently came across this wonderful infographic by Kakie’s Corner which effectively breaks down Change Management into 3 simple phases.  For all you change managers out there, print this table out and consider it your bible. In order for a professional to be able to help a company with organizational change, he’ll have to navigate his way through these 3 critical phases. Fortunately for all of us, the phases have been beautifully simplified in this infographic.

The first phase is preparing for change. Understanding the organisational change your company is about to undertake is the first step to being equipped for the transformation at hand.

The secondary phase is managing the change; getting to the crux of the issue at hand. The aim is to address the issues that arise from the change as quickly and efficiently as possible – to move to the new system as seamlessly as one can.

The final stage is reinforcing the change. Issues will arise and that is normal. The challenge is to reinforce the conversion even if at times it may seem like it is not working. Individual feedback is crucial in understanding where the drawbacks of the new system are, and once these flaws are discovered, to deal with them in a timely manner.


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