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3 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated During the Summer

3 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated During the Summer

“Success is not the key for happiness. Happiness is the key for success.” (Albert Schweizer)

As the hot July coming upon us, and brings the summer with it, workers motivation becomes an issue.    People grow up (from childhood, through adolescence, to college) being used to the fact that summertime means freedom, vacations, sea and sun, and considering this mentality, we realize that the decline in employee’s motivation is inevitable.

In this post I will introduce you with 4 useful tips that will help you keep your employees in high motivation level.

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Break the Routine

“Man is free, but his freedom ceases to exist when he has no faith in it.” (Giacomo Casanova)

Breaking the boring, daily work routine is a very useful way to get your employees motivated.   The crave for the pause in the working  routine, that grows in the subconscious of an employee, can be dealt by an occasional trip day, “Casual Friday” or even a night out with the fellow workers are all great options for breaking the routine of the workers.

Activities like those mentioned can empower the feeling that the management appreciates the employees work and also fill the desire for vacation, that grows during summertime.

Another interesting way to break the routine is in the decoration layer of the workplace. Bright colors in the workplace (walls, furniture) along with pictures (or inspirational sayings) can really make the workplace a happier place.


 Make the Employee “Success Partners”

Responsibility is a great way to encourage employees.  Mechanical work is boring, not exciting, and if the payment is not very high, motivation level will be very low.

Give responsibilities to workers, encourage them to think, and think creatively, and of course listen to their ideas and thoughts.  Make the employees partners to the success of the business.  This process must happen from day one, from the orientation process, the employee training program and continue to the daily work.

Don’t forget to show the employees your appreciation, if one is doing a good job, a good manager will know how to encourage him (and the other workers) to keep up the good work.

Research shows that people who feel as partners to successful projects are much more devoted to it, and can get thru rough patches more easily.    Think about someone else’s child, and now think of your child.  It’s that simple.


Reduce the Workload, Increase Productivity

Intensity of the work is also a major parameter in the motivation rate.

The goal is not to reduce the amount of work, but to make tasks simpler. When tasks are easier to preform, the workload is reduced, the intensity of the work is reduced, and employees are happier.

This starts with an effective employee training program, but does not stops there.  Keep your employees skilled, and help them preform simple task with oral instruction or training application such as WalkMe, to make them productive and motivated at the same time.



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