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5 Change Management Mistakes To Avoid

5 Change Management Mistakes To Avoid

Change in business is unavoidable and often with it comes change management mistakes that can negatively affect some of the benefits the change was supposed to bring in to a business or organization.

In actuality, change is good and if done right, it has proved to be the only way organizations can stay relevant in an ever changing environment. Below are the top five change management mistakes that that you must be avoided at all cost if changes are to deliver the expected results.
1. Making huge unplanned changes

The essence of change management is to benefit the organization and not to cause anxiety or to practically overturn all business operations overnight. Change management actually requires careful planning before execution so as to ensure success both in the short term and in the long run. Failure to do this will only results to changes that start with a lot of fanfare and pomp and only to be forgotten in day or two.
2. Taking too much time to implement change

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Timing is everything when it comes to change as it can make or break an organization or business. Change should be implemented in a speedy manner if results are to be achieved, otherwise, the changes you so much want to bring in will be stalled by people who rarely want to embrace change not to mention the fact that taking too much time can make an organization or business lose that once if a lifetime chance to seize an opportunity and run with it.
3. Lack of effective communication

Communication is important for the success of an organization and where changes are involved, effective communication is even more important. It is actually misguided to keep away information from the same people you expect to embrace the changes for the benefit of the organization. Plan adequately, keep the people involved informed and even if some people will not agree with you, they will be well informed on what is coming and get ready for it.

4. Measuring success using the wrong indicators

It is really impossible to impress everyone especially where changes are concerned. Measuring success using negative reactions or reduced trust levels can often be misleading and will paint a wrong picture of the effects of the changes implemented. The right success indicators have to be identified as they can be used to build interest and reinforce commitment among employees.

5. Failing to recognize employee achievements

Change is scary for everyone and most employees have to go out of their way in order to implement the changes and achieve the set goals and objectives. Failing to recognize these employees achievement only gets in the way of morale, loyalty, and performance and this can greatly affect an organization’s success. Most employees actually ask for nothing but recognition and appreciation for their contribution in the organizations achievement.

Bring in the change you need to keep your organization or business ahead. Remember however to avoid the above change management mistakes and you can be guaranteed that you will enjoy the benefits that come with adaptability and relevance whatever your field.

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