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7 Best Change Management Articles this Week

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7 Best Change Management Articles this Week

These 7 top articles from the past week can teach you a lot about yourself and what you want to achieve, for yourself and for your organization. Change management is mainly related to organizational change, but the concepts can also be applied to your daily life. Change management is all about adapting to change, controlling change and effecting change.

See what the writers of these 5 articles think the best way is to tackle change and learn what you might be doing wrong, or even better – appreciate what you may be doing correctly!


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10 Things All Great Bosses Do

This article by Brittney Helmrich points out the very interesting fact that 82% of the time, companies fail to choose the managerial candidate with the right skills for the job.

Did you know that just 1 in 10 people possess the talent needed to manage others? And 2 in 10 people exhibit some of the characteristics of the basic managerial skills and will function at a high level if their company chooses to invest in coaching and development plansdevelopment plans for them?

In my opinion, the best of the 10 things that great bosses do which is shared with us here is they are clear about expectations. Think most of us have been in a position that we aren’t really sure what is expected of us and it can be one of the most frustrating things. Having a manager who is clear about their expectations keeps employees focused on their results without dictating the process and helps them find the best way for them personally to meet expectations.


Using a Change Management Approach To Implement Reliability Programs

Gertjan Edelijn  (@Edelijn76)  shares with us his knowledge on the development of reliability programs in relation to change management.

The implementation of intelligent technology can fault the human factor that may have previously existed but these technologies are now an importance aspect of organizations so by now we should know how best to apply the.

Research has shown that 66% of new information systems have failed or were cancelled due to the organizations failure to integrate them effectively into the employee’s roles. Successful implementation of these new technologies is vital to ensure less resistance to the changes and positive engagement from the employees.

Don’t miss out on the reliability strategy model shown in this article and reap the benefits!



Need a Good Mentor?

I have always assumed that everyone has a good mentor to give them the guidance and inspiration to achieve whatever they choose. I know I certainly did! But Nicole Fallon Taylor has taught me otherwise.

FACT: 86% of executives said having a mentor is important for career development – and yet, only about a quarter of them said they had someone they regularly would turn to for advice and guidance.

This article points out, ‘that mentors can help their mentees identify and avoid business pitfalls, and work through the challenges ahead of them’, and this is vital for successful change management!

“Look for mentors who are authentic, empathetic, creative and honest,” White told Business News Daily. “You need someone who’s caring and invested in your professional growth, but also someone who will speak truth to you.’

This is just a sneak peek – Are you a good mentor for someone or are you looking for a good mentor? Let this article guide you.


5 Companies with Oscar-Worthy Leadership and Change Management Strategies

Learning from past company’s successes and failures is the best way to learn about change management strategies!  In this post, we shared 5 real-life change management success stories, all change managers have a lot to learn from. These companies’ stories may surprise you, but you should really take them into account and think how you can relate them to your organization or business.


Addicted to work: Breaking the habit

With Mai-Po Wan advice on how to stop being addicted to work I am able to connect change management with stress management. As you can imagine, being overly stressed at work is not a positive thing and is a key influence to resistance to change management.

“A colleague asks you how you’re doing, and you reply with “I haven’t even got time to stop for lunch today!” to which your colleague looks suitably impressed and walks off, under no doubt that you are very busy and therefore clearly adding lots of value to the business.” – sound familiar?


What I took most from this article?

Take time to reflect on your successes and achievements, and give yourself praise and recognition for these!

What did you learn?


Workplace Conflicts? 4 Ways to Improve Communication

Communication is key in change management and in organizations in general!

 FACT: most workplace tensions and disagreements stem from breakdowns in communication.

“Poor, ineffective communication … results in missed deadlines, missed opportunities and misunderstandings,” said Caren Merrick, founder and CEO of Pocket Mentor.

But – ineffective communication can also be a good thing; it can push an organization to find solutions they’d never have come up with otherwise. Working through conflicts gives colleagues the opportunity to exchange information and hear different ideas, which ultimately leads to innovation.

Recognize and respect personal differences:

“Each of us sees and experiences the world differently using our own experiences, values, individual diversity and culture.”


Why Unhappy Workers Don’t Always Quit

Chad brooks is known for his focus on employees and happiness.

Employee satisfaction, employee engagement and employee initiative come hand in hand. This article discusses factors such as location, home ownership, a spouse’s employment status, the employee’s relationship status, job benefits, community involvement and friendly relationships with co-workers and how they can all affect whether an employee stays in a job he or she isn’t happy with.

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