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Automation Software for Change Management to Consider

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Automation Software for Change Management to Consider

The unreliability of manual change management has compelled companies to adopt different kinds of automation software to improve the efficiency of their change management. There is a need for organizations to acquire change management solutions that will keep safe their intellectual property and prevent any unwanted changes within their systems. Presently, technological advancements happen so fast and organizations need to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

Therefore, current and updated change management software is necessary to ensure that the businesses or the organizations are performing at top form. Having the appropriate software to take care of your change management needs will have numerous benefits to the organization and it will also result in the immense growth of the organization.

Benefits of Automation Software for Change Management

1. Make change management less expensive

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Automation software for change management will have the capability to assign duties to each and every team and also monitor the progress of each team at all times. From the platform, each of the team members will have the ability to see the progress of every individual and in doing so it will be easy to control a number of the processes because they will all be easily visible. When this is done, a lot of time is saved compared to doing all these manuals, and money is also saved in terms of overhead costs. The other advantage of this is that there will be a reduction in production costs, increased efficiency, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

2. Effectively monitor change processes

It is easy to control the workflow by using automation software. This is because it will be possible to get information on the different kinds of tasks being performed for a given project at any given time. It will also be able to show who is working on what activity and report on their progress. It can show when certain tasks commenced, who are responsible for the tasks, and when they are supposed to be completed. In case of any changes within the workflow, the automation software will be able to indicate exactly what happened and when it happened.

3. Easy management of changes

Change management is far much easier using automation software than manual reporting. Most of the software will have an on-screen reporting module where one can see real time reports about the progress of giving tasks. From such reports, the decision makers are able to tell what process has been accomplished, what processes are still pending besides telling who is responsible for each and every task. This can be very hectic and can consume a lot of time if done manually with pen and paper. The systems also have the capability to tell of the past changes and this can be very important in the overall monitoring of the task.

4. Ability to run parallel changes

With a change management system, you have the ability to monitor more than one process within the system. You can check on the progress of each and every process simultaneously without having to stop any. This brings a lot of flexibility and efficiency as opposed to the manual way of managing such process.

Even though there are many of automation software for change management, not all will be suitable for each and every enterprise. There are different kinds of such solutions, and if a proper, choice is not made while deciding on one, then the full potential of such software may never be realized. However, there are some features that should be unique to all the change management software irrespective of the industry. Good change management software must possess the following important features-:

• An efficient work flow engine – this is important for enhancing automation and to also ensure that the system reporting mechanism is efficient and not prone to delays as this can cause the overall delay of the whole project.

• Easy integration with other change management software – in some cases, there may be need to use multiple change management software hence the ideal one should be easy to integrate with other types of automation software. This is crucial when additional power or functionalities are needed.

• User friendly – the automation software should be easy to use with elaborate instructions to the user.

• Reduce the downtime- the essence of using automation software is to reduce the amount of time taken to accomplish tasks, hence a good system should be able to minimize downtime by preventing unsuccessful or unscheduled tasks or processes.

There many automation software in the market, but a few have been tested and are preferred by a number of users. Below is a summary of the top four change management software that is known to bring great value in change management.

Spiceworks 5.0

This is one of the best change management software that has received a lot of good standing with a number of publications. It’s free and very easy to implement besides having the capability to generate status reports within a very short time. Other than this, it enables you to prioritize changes and it will provide instance, notifications regarding any changes within the network.


This is a product of SunView Software Inc. and it is suitable for both small and large enterprises, which have the need for constant supervision. Other than offering instant dynamic notifications, this software have the capability of implementing changes quickly and efficiently thus reducing the operating costs. In addition, in case of any problems within the network, it will increase the response time.

Remedy ITMS 8

This is provided by BMC software and it is suitable for service desk tasks like those of the administrators as well as the users within a given propriety. Other than having a user friendly interface and the ability to provide complete IT solutions, this automation software also have the ability of being hosted in the cloud and not only within the premises. Though a bit pricey, it is one of the best change management software available.


Last but not least is WalkMe automation software. This software is suitable for managers who want to have a smooth transition with their employees to a new platform. It gives the managers the ability to show their employees step by step introductions on how to perform new tasks and this is very effective when employees need to learn a new task or software.

Many other change management software are available. It is essential that businesses and organization realize the need for automation software in order to improve on their services and cut on their costs of production.

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