Barriers To Digital Transformation [Infographic]


According to research by Forrester, only 19% of companies report they have the right technology for digital transformation.


The process of digitally transforming an established business is no small undertaking. Implementing a comprehensive strategy has been cited by Deloitte as a critical factor in the process of becoming digitally mature. The key to a smooth transition is a synthesis of goal-oriented leadership guided by complementary technological tools.


It is interesting to note in the infographic below that many executives see a bright future when it comes to the effects of digital transformation on their organization. However, when it comes to the arsenal required to achieve a successful acclimation — many feel they are lacking.


This is why more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies are choosing WalkMe as a cornerstone of their digital strategy.


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Introducing The Barriers To Digital Transformation:

Barriers To Digital Transformation

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