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Best 5 Articles of Change Management This Week

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Best 5 Articles of Change Management This Week

Get my favorite Change Management articles of the week! We search and sort through it all – so that you don’t have to. Check out the top 4 articles that I found very interesting, and you might as well:

1# What Change Agents Value at Work

Change management calls for cooperation among key members of the organization. That is precisely what Katherine Graham-Leviss talks about in this incisive article. She further shares some useful tips for successful change management.

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2# Communicating Your Change Management Strategy

Different people handle change in different ways. It is not realistic to expect 100% cooperation from everyone. Christian Buckley trains you how to communicate your change strategy to ensure maximum response.

3# The Role of Teams in Driving Change

FCW staff highlights the opinion of one David Wennergren, the VP of CACI internal. David’s story is a must read for anyone who is seeking to enhance their change management strategy. The retired military man suggest several (beyond the box) strategies for change management leaders.

4# Overcoming Employees Resistance to Change

Employee resistance can take a significant toll from your attempts to effect change. You therefore need to get them onboard your plans in good time to avoid disappointments. As Linda Eroke puts it, the best way to do this is by actively involving all those affected by the change.

5# 3 Things Really Successful Change Managers Do

Change initiatives can be scary for many both employees and managers alike, and as humans, there is often natural resistance to planned changes. In this post I list 3 tips to remember in executing a change initiative.

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