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Best Articles of Change Management This Week

Best Articles of Change Management This Week

Get all the most popular Change Management articles of the week! We search and sort through it all – so that you don’t have to. Check out the top 5 most talked about articles of this week:

1# How change management is used in implementing NHS IT Projects

Key stakeholders in NHS IT projects must establish and maintain a complex combination of communication, cajoling and encouragement to achieve the set goals and objectives. Fortrus takes a look at how change management is used to implement IT projects.


2# Mentor a digital start-up and boost your change management

Mentoring digital start-ups is not a walk in the park. There are a number of factors that need to be considered. Alex Tait looks at how to mentor start-ups and foster change management effectively. This article is a very informative and on point.

3# Change Management, Delivery Systems and Transparency

Change exists within us and it’s impossible to evade or avoid it. Ever heard about change management theory? Learn more about this theory from this article by Barry.

4# Outgrowing the old: The necessity of change management

Any successful company or organization in the world has learnt the art of readily adapting to change. Here are facts on how to manage change as well as tips on how to adopt change. Prepared by Laura Stack.

5# First Change Management Procedures to Follow

As mentioned earlier in my previous articles, there are a number of change management procedures that should be followed to adapt to changes. Here is a continuation of the previous articles on change management procedures.

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