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The Best Change Management Blogs Out There

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The Best Change Management Blogs Out There

What makes a blog great? When making my rounds on keeping up with the latest trends and ideas in change management, there are always a few places I stop to refill. Before I give my sources away, I’d like to lay out my criteria for labeling a blog as ‘great’.

The first thing I look at is the quality of the content. Sadly, there are some blogs out there that don’t always make that much sense. The blogs on my list succeed in conveying their ideas in a clear way and are nearly always well thought out.

My second aspect is regular posts. On occasion I will come across a blog whose last post was in 2012. While I may enjoy the post that I am reading, it’s not a site that I will add to my list of blogs to check on a weekly basis.

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The final test is new ideas. If a blog is well written, current but it is an idea that has been told repeatedly, then more likely than not, I will not return to that particular site that often because it just doesn’t stand out in my memory.

So, without further ado, please welcome…

The Best Change Management Blogs Out There

The Lean Change Management Blog is always a great source of thought provoking ideas and insight. The blogs succeed in packaging the ins and outs of Agile in a reader-friendly frame.

The majority of the blogs are written by Jason Little and succeed in meeting all three of my criteria: The content is well written, they regularly post new blogs and the ideas are captivating.

Jason, if you’re reading this, you have a talent for giving over messages and stories. Keep it up!  

This is not the first, and most likely not the last time that I will mention Torben Rick on my blog. Torben’s infographics are featured in my Change-Giving post as well as my best of October post.

His posts are outstanding, but one of the aspects I love most about his blog is his approach to change. “Challenge the way things are done” is not just the slogan of the blog. The approach is one that questions norms that the majority of us take for granted.

The Change Factor Blog is one that only recently became a regular feature on my reading list. Martin Fenwick’s ability to personalize the change stories that they tell is a standout feature of the blog.

Martin Fenwick’s New Zealand based blog gives us a look at change through his eyes. It is a personal account of his experiences, and I must say, I love it. A post of his that I enjoyed was the honest account of how difficult it can be sometimes to find an aspect of change that you have yet to address.

So many of the difficulties of change we see nowadays are not new or particularly unique. However, despite this, Martin managed to end the post in an optimistic way.   

Conversations of Change’s Blog, The Watercooler, is one of the most varied and comprehensive change blogs around. Dr. Jen Frahm conducts ‘Conversations of Change’ with a host of change management and HR opinion leaders.

As you can see from the graphic below the exact extent of all the topics offered.


The Watercooler is a great one-stop-shop for all things change.

Another change influencer that I have often referenced – Mike Lehr.

Mike Lehr, President of Omega Z Advisors, is always one of the first stops on my rounds of information gathering. His blog provides a different outlook to the mainstream opinion. This is a blog that I would recommend everyone to add to their reading lists. You can also read my interview with him, where he gave me some valuable tips. 

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