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Best of the Week: A Change Management Shootout

Best of the Week: A Change Management Shootout

John F. Kennedy once said that “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. There is absolutely no doubt that he was right. Change happens all the time, and it is up to you to lead your organization towards it, and not from it. These 5 articles will give you the much needed motivation push and will show you the challenges and the great accomplishment that are an integral part of the change process you are about to begin.


Mastering Change Management

How do you start a change?  This article claims that you need these two essential tools: clear vision and a clear strategy. Once you have these figured out, you can continue on your mission. Along the way, the most important focus, as many other change management experts claim, should be on the individual and the way that he or she cope with the change process.

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Breaking the Chains of Change Management

A change management initiative is not to be taken lightly. It takes time, planning, and continuous monitoring. All of these can be done more easily, if you have some people who support you. You will recognize a good supporter, according to this text, by making sure he will give a non-biased point of view of the change management plan.


5 Reactions to Organizational Change (Demonstrated by Cats) and How to Deal with Them

Is there a connection between cats and change management? Well, there is now. These 5 cats can prepare us for the most common reactions to change and the right ways to deal with them. As funny as this cats are, keep in mind that these are probably the responses you’ll going to get when introducing change to your team.


Pacers still working through change management problems

Yes, this article is about Indiana Pacers, The NBA team. But this basketball team is also an example for an organization that constantly needs to better itself, its dynamics, its team-work and in general – to be prepared for constant change. so whether you are a sports fan or not, this article can teach you a lot about handling change management in an area that does not have the privilege to stay behind.


Top 20+ Change Management Mistakes to Avoid

Most of us will admit to a large part of these mistakes, depending on our level of experience in managing change. Some mistakes are the ones we fall for every time, and this list can help us define these wrong steps and the important steps we forget along the way.




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