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Best of the Week in Change Management

Best of the Week in Change Management

Here you can read the most intriguing change management articles I noticed this week. They can all expand your knowledge about this sphere and contribute to your confidence when approaching a change, and will strengthen your belief in the need of change. So many people before me have quoted Heraclitus, the great Greek philosopher, who said that “The only thing that is constant is change”. I believe that if you weren’t convinced in this saying until now, these 5 articles can sure prove Heraclitus was right.

Six Signs Your Company’s Culture Is Toxic

Managing a change goes hand in hand with problems, and quite a few. If your organization’s culture is negative and non-productive, people will keep mentioning the difficulties in each meeting, instead of seeking for solutions. This article will help you identify whether your company’s culture is toxic, and if so, you can decide on your next move in accordance to it.

Change: Less Management, More Leadership, Better Results

Organizations can’t stay relevant in the marketplace unless they can make change work. The sad reality is that according to studies, the majority of change processes fail. Randy Pennington, the author, claims that the most common reason for the failure of many change processes is that they are “over managed and under-led”. In this text, he presents us with 4 ways to handle organizational changes better.

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Startup for Change

In their nature and as oppose to big companies, Startups are dynamic and flexible. That is why change is a lot more frequent throughout the lifecycle of a startup. Preparing adequately for change will ensure that the transition is smoother and more likely to stick. This article recommends key ways to get your company and employees primed for change.

Changing change management

Change management is a dynamic sphere, and as it encourages change – it should be committed to changes as well. Organizations today must simultaneously deliver rapid results and sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive environment and this is where the digital change tools come in. Digitizing five areas in particular in your company can help make internal change efforts more effective and enduring. The first priority is to provide In-Work performance support and feedback.

7 Steps to Perfect Change Management

If you already gained some experience in managing changes in big or small companies, this is the article for you. Overall, the main goal of change management is to encourage individuals to commit to the change happily, and it is concerned with readiness among people affected by the change. This article counts 7 steps in order to improve the way you approach change management, and emphasizes the importance of training and support.



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