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Best of the Week – Top Change Management Articles

Best of the Week – Top Change Management Articles

Here are the 5 most interesting articles I came across with this week. They all engage with the burning issues in the change management sphere and each article will broaden your knowledge and will help you to take the leap towards the next change.

Have You Prepared Your Employees for Change?

If your business is about to make a major change, there is no doubt that your employees feel it in the air. It is a sure fact that some of them will resist the upcoming change. In order to avoid this barrier, you should prepare them in advance.

A Way to Assess and Prioritize Your Change Efforts

Companies must set up and oversee change initiatives more systematically than they used to if they want to succeed. The DICE tool (Duration, Integrity of team performance, Commitment, Effort) helps companies to assess the probability of success of change initiatives early in their lives, and lessens the risk that is in every change.

In Change Management, Start With Champions, Not Antagonists

One of the first rules of change management is to always start from a position of strength. By achieving the support of the few people in the organization that hold greater influence than others, you can drive your change with the confident you need from your team.

Get Your Employees To Work ‘Like Nobody’s Watching’

This article compares the process of change in an organization to a video of a little girl breaking into a crazy dance in the middle of a wedding. Allison Todd claims that by rewarding risk-taking employees and creating a safe environment for them to step up as leaders, the organization can develop a better and much more adaptable culture, and therefore be more prepared to change.

Underperforming Volkswagen Plans Major Corporate Shift

“Faster, more flexible, and more agile”: Read all about how Volkswagen, the huge motor corporation, implements large scope change in order to stay competitive. A global company such as Volkswagen, taking a risk and making a strategic change, can be used as a great example and as a source of drive for smaller organizations to take that leap.

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