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Best Change Management Articles of the Week

Best Change Management Articles of the Week

This week’s roundup is our first of the year. The following 5 articles will enrich your knowledge of agile change management, implementation of the change process, and the latest changes in the role of change agents. Hope you’ll find these useful:


Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh

 This article in Harvard Business Review written by Ryan W.Quinn and Robert E. Quinn is a perfect example of how change management is progressing this year! By putting leadership and change management together we can understand how to incorporate change better. It tends to be that one cannot be achieved without the other so why wasn’t this an obvious connection for everybody before.

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20 Rules of Successful Change Management in Organizations

Here, certified change agent Catherine Adenle discusses how to embrace and implement change in organisations and displays the 20 rules to follow for success based on her knowledge and experience! My favourite being no 4 – ‘Understand the importance of people during change. Be prepared to align the workforce to support change’. That’s a sneak peek – check out the others.


Let’s Put the Agent Back in Change Agent

Heather Stagl shares her thoughts on the current stance of Change Agents. In this article, she details the importance of knowing how leaders, employees, along with the organization and the profession all have a role in change management…


Why Your Business Must Use Agile Change Management

It is a fact that change is a common factor in business today. To that end, effective change management preparation is very important for a business to succeed. Change management includes communication abilities, leadership development, marketing, and sales ability. Being able to manage the delicate nature of employee psychology during change will also pay off in the long run. In this post, we share the advantages and best strategies to using agile change management.


How Managing Change Delivers Satisfied Customers

The IT world is very imbalanced. At least once a year, business leaders and information technology plans merge, creating a technology vision or strategy. To support that plan, the IT department must possess a well-designed, systemic approach to recognize, plan for and deliver on planned changes with little to no disruption. IT is a service organization with expectations for delivering exemplary services, availability and performance. If left unmanaged or with no controls in place, the organization can be placed in high-risk situations. In this post, Norm Brien explores the ways proper change management can lead to not only happier employees, but also happy customers.







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