The Week’s Best Articles in Change Management

From defining change management to employee productivity during times of great change, this week’s best in change offers something for every CM professional. 1. When Does Managing Change Become Change Management? This article by Ariel Rak helps identify the difference between change management and managing change. If you’re not sure exactly why these terms should

This Week’s Best in Change

From improved communication to recognizing and handling resistance, this weeks’ best in change have a variety of tips for change professionals which are sure to have you better facilitating change. 1. EA success demands change management Admire Moyo delves into the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA), and discusses how they need to be supported by

This Week’s Best Reads in Change

This week’s best articles in change detail the features to look for in a change management methodology, how to drive effective change the first time, and how to combat organizational change fatigue. Change is never easy, but these articles can help make it more streamlined, and focused. They can also help you navigate change management

The Week’s Best in Change

1. Five Valid Reasons People are Mad at your Change Initiative This article by Heather Stagl provides excellent insight into why we push back against change. Whether the change is inconvenient, confusing, or involves too steep a learning curve, Stagl’s article shows us just why sometimes change isn’t always great.  Always good to know why

The Greatest Reads in Change Management

Improving Business Change Management Through Social Media Strategies Studies and surveys have shown that CM within organizations and companies is worth investing in. But are we prepared for the roadblocks that come in the way of a successful change in a business setting? Don Holley article is sure to prepare you for successful CM. Change

This Week’s Best in Change Management

Five Tips for Managing Project Change Requests Change in any department needs to be effected with utmost care and diligence. Failure to do that, the IT teams and business users will have a pretty rough time. Elizabeth Harrim keenly analyzes five steps to managing project change requests, seamlessly. Avoid Extinction: Become A New Breed CXO