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Change Management Activities to Boost Results

Change Management Activities to Boost Results

Do you know that launching an unremitting improvement initiative through change management activities is actually one of the priorities for many organizations today? The goal is simply to drive the change in a way that aids them reinvent themselves to be the best competitors with quite a deeper understanding of the customer needs as well as resilient to the adverse changes in the business condition.

Various terms such as Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, Lean Transformation Breakthrough Management, Operational Excellence, and also Reengineering have got a similar goal –achieving breakthrough simply by fundamentally changing the manner the businesses are executed.

Despite various methodologies with a clear and also consistent roadmap to the implementation, different companies have got experienced varying degrees of the success in implementing such types of programs. In most of the cases, the benefits which are usually in terms of employee morale and also culture, customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line have actually turned elusive.

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However, the query is— Why is there variation in the levels of the success among the adopters of these particular programs? Most of the methodologies are usually neither sufficient nor exhaustive.

The following are some of the change management activities which can simply make a difference between successful and unsuccessful deployment.

Always Start With the Foundation

Many organizations usually underestimate the necessity for a support structure particularly in the process of deploying Six Sigma or Lean. A gap assessment is much essential in identifying the current state as well as the future, your desired state. This particular activity normally produces a list of various things which need to change as well as be positively reinforced. The consultants with quite a superior knowledge base may be helpful in foreseeing the roadblocks and also addressing these particular problems outset.

Driving a Shared Vision

Many change initiatives normally goes through a sequence of the necessary steps which have got fixed lead times. Once you ignore this fact, it results in overlooking the essential activities which only create an illusion of the speed that never produces the desired results. When you stick to the overall game plan, and also build a steady momentum can actually lead to much more coherent as well as permanent change than the isolated successes from the diffused activities.

It’s a fact that we lives in an ever-changing world. The following set of games will still enhance the team’s abilities to manage, welcome, as well as thrive in this changing environment.

Alien for Dinner

The participants’ questions are some of the humanity’s social norms which are in the semblance of an alien particularly at a dinner party so as to understand why individuals do the various things that they do. This provides the opportunity for the participants to test the way things are as well as find the alternative solutions.

Maths Game

The task: Simply get teams of around four in order to choose one professional at addition, division, multiplication and subtraction and then give them an exam paper –First team to return their paper should be the winner. It’s a very quick game which illustrates both the power of assumption and also mental models.

The above are some of the recommended change management activities that can boost the results within your organization.

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