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Change Management Exercises to Try

Change Management Exercises to Try

Before discussing the change management exercises you should understand the concept of change management. The principles, processes and tools used for managing the people side of an organization in favor of a change to meet up the targets are known as Change Management. Whether the change is in any process or technology, you will have to facilitate and appreciate the changes in his personal behavior and way of working of the manpower of the organization to achieve your target.

Change Management Exercises to Try

Accept the Change as a Project

The basic thing to be considered while owning changes in an organization is the way that organization handles it. It is not a simple matter of announcing the change and training the staff to manage it. You will have to develop competency in the organization to accept that change as a critical project to be resolved with teamwork of the human resources of the organization.

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Accept the Change as a Change, Not a Burden

Along with accepting the change management as a project you should also accept it as a change in the working process and habits of the people working in an organization. Every employee of the organization, from top to bottom, will have to change the way of his working to accept the change management. If a team of any project will be asked to integrate their activities according to the change management process then they will have to change the way of doing their job according to the new conditions. So while accepting the change management you will also have to change your behavior willingly.

Adopt Planned Approach

It is one of the change management exercises that need planned strategies to increase the competency of an organization in favor of change management successfully. The competency of an organization can not be developed only by training people or intertwining some activities in the life cycle of a project. All the five crucial areas of the organization including leadership, project, process, structure and skill have to be controlled to build its competency successfully.

Fold Arms

This exercise can help in understanding the point of change easily. You can ask your audience to cross their arms after introducing them with the point of change. You can ask them to fold their arms in reverse position after some time. Then you can ask their reviews about the change in position, was it natural or unnatural. In fact initially they did it naturally but in second position they have to put efforts in accomplishing the task.

Seat Changing Exercise

You can make your audience observe the change in their emotions and attitude with the change of their seats in a very easy and quick manner. You can make them understand the effect of change by asking their reaction upon this change. You can also increase their ability of tackling changes by asking them to change their seats frequently.

Assign a Team

For the successful execution of change management you will have to depute a team as someone has to work to accomplish the task. You will have to plan strategies and develop the ways to manage the people side of the organization to achieve the change management targets of the organization.

Thus the above discussed change management exercises can be tried to achieve organizational competency successfully.

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