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Change Management: New Years Resolutions

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Change Management: New Years Resolutions

What change managers want to accomplish in 2017


For the past week, I have been refreshing my twitter feed on a regular basis praying that 2016 hasn’t taken Betty White – we’ve lost too many greats this year. Yes, this is what this year has come down to. 2016 was a rollercoaster ride, there were many ups (as I mentioned in my best of 2016 blog) and there were just as many lessons to learn.


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With 2017’s arrival, social media will be split into three parts over the next few days – those talking about their new year goals, those indifferent about their New Year’s resolutions and the third group – those making fun of those with a ‘new year, new me’ approach, and for good reason.


For most of us, if we manage to stick to 50% of our resolutions – that’s a real improvement. The danger is that the same types of issues that sabotage our personal resolutions step in and destroy our business goals. My aim now is tell you about the few, more focused goals for change that I have set in the coming year. So let me give you a breakdown of my change management New Year’s resolutions for 2017.


1. Don’t mention 2016.

For better or for worse, I feel that it is best to learn from the previous year and not to dwell on it more than is necessary.  Resting on your laurels will not result in long term results. Nobody cares if your KPI’s were off the charts last year if you can’t replicate it this year.


2. Have a back-up plan.

2016 taught me how even things I am certain about can go wrong and that nobody is immune to unforeseen issues that arise on a regular basis. However, teams that do have a backup plan are better equipped to deal with the new issue than someone who does not have a plan B. By anticipating that something will go wrong, you won’t be in shock when it does.

back-up plan

3. Be more attentive.

An important resolution going into 2017 is to be more attentive to all the voices of the stakeholders. When performing stakeholder analysis, make sure to dedicate equal attention to both those on the receiving end of the change as those that are controlling the process.



4. Be more productive.

Okay, this one is more of a personal resolution – it is way too easy to get distracted on social media and just simply put my work on hold for far too long. So try these productivity boosting apps for 2017!



5. Join a new business organization or networking group.

The best way to improve yourself and your approach to change management is to be in a constant state of learning. My resolution is to learn as much as I can from others, and in turn, I aim to give over whatever change management lessons I have learned. I recommend joining change management LinkedIn forums such as the Change Management Network or Business Process Improvement and Change Management, Integrated Leadership and Change Management and Change Consulting | Digital | Disruptive | Sourcing | Strategy | Transformation | #1 in CHANGE.

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