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e-Change Review

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e-Change Review

e-Change is latest online changing application fully developed by Changefirst, a company whose main concept is to help organizations and people implement changes.

e-Change’s main premise is to help you to apply all of the People Centered Implementation (PCI) principles and full process in order to change your projects anytime that you want in easiest way possible. Changefirst simply combined various resources, tools, change processes and education in this simple online application that you can fully start using without needing any costly workshops. It is always available, and there is simply no need for travelling, waiting, nor expensive hotel and motel bills.

How does e-Change work?

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Using e-Change is astoundingly simple. This system has a simple for usage built-in wizard that will guide you through all the features of it, whether you are non-expert or expert user of previous Changefirst applications. It is also a highly adaptable and customisable application that will quickly meet your organisational processes and quickly help you with all the work that you need to do.

You can easily adjust work stream and core modules of it to fully meet your project requirements, and therefore easily customise everything that you want through a simple interface which can suit your wishes. This is a very simple system to understand, so you will not need too much time to get a hold of it.

Main Advantages of e-Change

There are numerous benefits and advantages while using this simple system. One of the main advantages is certainly the fact that you will reduce all of your costs, since it will fully maximise all of your resources and save you a lot of travel and time expenses. It is also fully hosted on Changefirst server, so you don’t even have to worry about hosting it on your own.

It is also fully available online, so you can access it pretty much anywhere, at any time given, which is certainly a very positive thing. This system is also very easy to comprehend, and therefore very simple to use. You will not need much time for adjustment, since wizard will easily identify all your priorities, and guide you through wholesome processes. You will get a hang of it in a very fast amount of time, and hopefully learn more advanced features of e-change. Wizard will identify change process, and fully link it to resources, e-learning and tools that you require.

Another positive benefits of e-Change is simply the fact that it’s customisable, and the user can integrate user interface pretty much how he wants to. It is also completely applicable, and there is simply no installation or downloads required, since everything is fully hosted online through Changefirst’s servers. e-Change will simply make all of your tasks easier.

e-Change is a good platform for managing changes in organizations. We see another example where technology can assist in easing the processes of change. Online guidance system WalkMe is another example for technology that “softens the blow” for employees in an enterprise going through a change in work procedures.

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