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Every Summer Has its Own Story- Ours has 7!

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Every Summer Has its Own Story- Ours has 7!

Summer is here! And with it, comes a mixture of a sense of relaxation and pressure. In the midst of the summer craziness, it can be nice to do some reading, and up your change management game.

Check out our 7 picks for July’s best change management content, and enjoy!


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Why Is Change Management Training Important?

A great article to get us on our way is Elaine Biech, on the importance of Change management. Really loved the analogy she made:  “Change is a way of life, and proficient navigation in its turbulent waters is a strategic imperative.” A good emphasis is placed on the need for “Change-Savvy Managers”.



Tronc vs. the Right Way for Publishers to Compete in the Digital Age

Greg Satell’s article is one of the better articles that I have read lately. He gives us his take on Tribune Publishing’s attempt to reinvent themselves as Tronc. There were some good points made, namely: The product drives the business; The audience is vastly more than eyeballs; Publishing is a talent-driven business and Collaboration is the new competitive advantage. Give it read before I give too much away!



It’s Not Just Businesses That Need Change Management — You Do Too

A different look at Change Management with Michael Pollock. The approach in this article is applying Change Management to yourself when trying to find that position you’ve been after and “to start reframing yourself”.


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7 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Digital Transformation

“Estimates of digital transformation failures range from 66% to 84%.” When undergoing a digital restructure, know what to questions to raise in order to be part of the small percentage of transformations that succeed. These 7 questions are the starting point to beginning a digital transformation; I would most definitely recommend reading this if there is a potential transformation on the horizon.



Pokémon NO – Pokémon Go and Change Management terms which have been overused

In my latest blog, inspired by the Pokémon Go craziness,  I address the most overused trends in Change Management . After collecting insights by experts on LinkedIn, I came up with the following list of phrases change managers are tired of hearing, like “The change is going to be agile.”



BENEATH THE SURFACE: Two ways to think about change management

Wendy Hirsch explores two different ways to look at the change process. The post addresses a similar topic to a blog that I chose to tackle: Change plays out differently at different levels. Change on an organisational level is different to change on a group level, and change on a group level is different to change on an individual level. It is critical to take note of these differences.



Change Management is an Oxymoron

This is not a recent post, but when Eric Lynn shared a link on a discussion, I felt that it would be a disservice not to share it. Eric shares some incredibly deep ideas and gives a new perspective which he expresses very eloquently.

“Change is ubiquitous. It is, and always has been, simply an element of our dynamic world.”


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