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How To Get Employees to Embrace Change in 60 Seconds

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How To Get Employees to Embrace Change in 60 Seconds

I realize that many of my recent blogs take a little bit longer to read, so I’ll try keep this as brief as possible.


So often we expect different results even though we are not willing to change our behavior. Imagine a chart that shows the three aspects of the ‘circle of change’: Seeing, Doing, Receiving and then back to Seeing again. This has inspired me.

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Let me explain – our actions are an outcome of our perceptions and our perceptions are the outcome of previous results. Following this logic, one the best ways for us to be able to better handle change is to break down this circle and understand our behavior patterns.


If our perceptions of change remain the same, then our behavior will not change and as a result, the end product will be the same: Another failed change.


Now, in order to make the cycle work for us and create successful change we must change our perceptions.


To quote Tom Peters, the business management practices expert and author of In Search of Excellence: “To meet the demands of the fast-changing competitive scene, we must simply learn to love change as much as we have hated it in the past.”


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