Change Management WalkMe TeamUpdated March 1, 2017

Great Infographic: Managing Transitions

Great Infographic: Managing Transitions

A big part of managing change is getting a company-wide buy-in, from both management and employees, as well as ensuring they make the transition.

This infographic by Big Idea Zoo provides a visual representation of the transition towards a future change.

As this picture shows, the ending of the area of familiarity, sense of security and expectations is cloudy. It is natural for employees to question and resist the initial change.

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The area between the present and future, the “neutral zone,” is represented by a large desert area. It is vital that employees are encouraged to continue go through with the organizational transition.

The last area represents the future with a question mark at the start of the change initiative. However, the closer you get to the end, the clearer the benefits become.


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