Change Management WalkMe TeamUpdated April 22, 2014

Great Video- Change Management in 1 Minute

Great Video- Change Management in 1 Minute

A video I recently came across gives a very concise and to the point overview of change management, which I want to share with readers. The video, called “Change Management Explained in One Minute” provides the key elements of change management in a bite-sized portion. Here is what I like about it:

  1. Without overwhelming the viewer, it packs in a lot of great information in a short period, but easily digestible and understandable.
  2. It begins by creating the current business challenges businesses face, before even getting to where change management comes in. It is effective in creating the needs – which includes changing market conditions, meeting customer demands, adapting to new technologies input costs and competition.
  3. It wisely lists at the different common reactions to change initiatives, as resistance is a major challenge facing change management professionals.
  4. The video provides a series of tips – 6 in all – on effective change management including communication, transparency, team involvement and more.

I’d recommend checking out the video. It’s informative and worthwhile, and it will only take a minute of your time!


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