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How to Become a Change Manager?

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How to Become a Change Manager?

The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss.



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One of the hardest things I have ever had to wrap my head around is the distinction between being a ‘leader’ and being a ‘boss’. They may seem like very similar positions, but in fact there are huge differences between them. In my mind, the term “boss” is synonymous with the image of Bill Lumbergh from Office Space. According to Wikipedia, Bill is described as “the antithesis of the motivational management leadership ideal”. In my view, a ‘boss’ is unlike a leader in that he is someone you listen to out of fear, he is not someone you follow willingly.

In my mind a leader is Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan, Captain Miller. He leads his team into war, and they follow him not just because he is their ‘boss’, but because he is a respected and revered leader.

A change manager should be just that – an esteemed leader. Using the infographic above you can learn how to be a leader instead of a boss. Your team will excel working with a leader who leads them to success, rather than a boss who just gives the orders. Lead by example, and you will create a sense of teamwork that is not obtainable under the title of ‘boss’.

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