Change Management WalkMe TeamUpdated March 14, 2017

Infographic: Transformational Change Best Practices

Infographic: Transformational Change Best Practices

Change is important to the success of your business, but coordinating change across departments and getting employees to embrace change can be a real challenge. In fact, research shows that only 30% of organizations consider their change management programs successful. So how can you and your business become a change management success?

This infographic by Grant Thorton is a great introductory guide to change management. The infographic is a great tool because it identifies some change management best practices, such as ensuring executives are accountable for change and combining communication and engagement plans, along with some common barriers to success. It also offers a range of tactics to overcome these barriers.

One key point that this infographic emphasizes is the importance of communication and a cohesive overall strategy to ensure effective change management.

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