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[Infographic] The History of Change Management

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[Infographic] The History of Change Management

This infographic by WorkZ displays how change management has changed over the years.

It shows how we said goodbye to the Hierarchy system, to standardisation and measurement, human resources and psychology, which are becoming a thing of the past, even though some may state otherwise.

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After saying goodbye to the “post war” era, we’re now in modern times. This time period is shown to include team performance, personal development, matrix organisations as well as trust and involvement. The one thing I would like to add here, and it is the only thing I feel is missing, is innovative technology, which is an inseparable part of today’s successful change processes.

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The combination of these is the best predictors for successful change management!

What would you add to this list? Do you think we’re about to step into a new age?

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