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INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Critical Issues in the Workplace

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 10 Critical Issues in the Workplace

Everyone knows that change management is difficult, but you may be surprised to learn just how difficult it is. This infographic created from ic4p’s 2013 Critical Human Capital Issues Survey identifies the top ten critical issues facing business today. Three of the top ten, including numbers one and two, are related to change and six of the top ten have been on this list for the past four years. Two of the three top issues shared between high-performance organizations and low-performance organizations are also related to change.

This infographic shows that no matter how successful your business is, it’s still worth taking a looking at your change management. Change always carries with it a variety of new challenges and the more prepared you are to deal with these challenges the better. The ic4p study also emphasizes the importance of agile leadership in embracing change, as high-performance businesses are three times more effective than their low-performing counterparts in this area.


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