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Communication Strategy Template: Let’s Talk Success

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Communication Strategy Template: Let’s Talk Success

While many might think that communication is something that goes unsaid, it is actually one of the most difficult processes to learn and integrate in the workplace. Communication can certainly lead to optimization, employee satisfaction, and success for a company. Surely no company wants a game of telephone gone wrong.


There are many approaches, including this Communication Strategy Template by Proko, which gives us the full cycle of what an optimized Communications Strategy Template looks like. The strategy is broken down into four sections, broken down even further into their stakeholders and applications in the workforce.

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The info-graphic provides a simplified and easy to use guide to show us what to expect when approaching each of the various objectives. The 4 stages include Clarity, Commitment, Capability and Sustainability. Each step is clearly defined, and then organized into 3 tiers: Tier 1 being the decision makers, Tier 2 being the implementer, and Tier 3 being those who are the Change recipients.  


A great info-graphic which I found extremely useful!

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