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My Favorite Articles in Change Management This Week

My Favorite Articles in Change Management This Week

This week I found some fascinating articles about change management. Among them you can find the important components for a change management, the reasons we are afraid of change and how we can overcome them, and also on the importance of change management in the IT age.

 1.     9 Reasons Why You Resist Change

Coaching Positive Performance present in this article  9 reasons to resist change. Being aware of these reasons may help us being prepared and tackle the resistance. I, personally, can be related the most to the 6th reason, which is the fear of uncertainty, it’s undoubtedly one of the main causes for us to avoid change.

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 2.     A Change is Gonna Come; Change Management in the Supply Chain

Fronetics’ Kate Lee introduces us to Alan L. Milliken’s three key components of a successful business: process, technology and people, and their involvement in change management. If we will recognize those three factors, change management will be surely more successful.

 3.    5 Key Approaches to Overcome Barriers and Ensure Success with Enterprise Social

Susan Hanley talks about the importance of enterprise social networks (ESNs), which can help drive change. Though, getting people to use them might be a difficult task. Thus, she provides us 5 foundational elements that will help us to overcome barriers and encourage people to adapt them. I find the 4th advice – Understand the comfort zone for your users – very important and helpful.

 4.     IT change management needs to spell out ROI for users

In this article, Tech Target’s Celso Mello reminds us that it is a known fact that change management is the key to successful IT implementations. If your representatives have an effective CRM you will earn more money. Hence, having a change management strategy is very critical to maximize the efficiency of the CRM.

5.     Your Guide to Leading Change Management

Change management became clearly a salient process in the business world, but making it appropriately is not a simple task.  In this guide we are discussing the main elements one has to be familiar with, and providing some tools that may help, regarding leading change management. For instance, start at the top is very important for a successful change.


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