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My Favorite Articles This Week in Change Management

My Favorite Articles This Week in Change Management

This week I found a bunch of interesting articles discussing change management. Among them you can find some good ideas to communicate change, helpful tips to achieve change, a common change manager myth that might be busted and a comprehensive guide to organizational readiness for change.

1.   The 6 Secrets of Successful Change Management

As we’ve already argued, change might be fearful for some employees. In this article you can find 6 wonderful tips that will help you to stand up against the resistance to change that salespersons are likely to shoe. The one that I found most helpful is the 5th – deploy gradually. An abrupt change, as trial and error proved us, is not good for the company. When the change occurs in a step by step manner, the likeliness of the change to success increases dramatically.

2.   6 Essential Beliefs When You Make Major Changes

Change is not a difficult process for our employees only. It may put us, as well, in a lot of stress. This article offers us 6 beliefs that will help us reduce the stress we encounter when a big change is impending. The one I identified with the most was the 6th – “Some will, some won’t, so what!”. The understanding that we can’t satisfy everyone, and some won’t like the change, is a crucial step we have to take within the change process.

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3.   The Dumb Idea that People Fear Change

Patrick Gray has an unusual notion regarding the common convention that people are afraid of change. He pleads that this opinion is completely misguided. People may fear the uncertain, but change can be welcomed. For instance, who wouldn’t want to receive a check for one billion dollars?

4.   Help Your Organization Embrace and Nurture Change in a Fast-Moving World

Sue George covered a seminar entitled “From caterpillar to butterfly: the world of transformational change”. CEO of some decent firms attended this seminar and discussed change. I found the insights of Nathan Ott, chief executive of EG. 1 Search, especially interesting. He spoke about the “special people” who can drive change.

5.  The Strategic Narrative: A Better Way To Communicate Change

Chris Cancialosi talks about the importance of a strategic narrative. Delivering the vision and the strategy for the organization of the future is a process that must take place in all the levels of the organization, for the sake of a successful change. He discusses the exact meaning of the strategic narrative, and gives us some advantages of it, such as its ability to position the change in a respectful way.

6.   Why do Teachers Struggle with Technological Change?

Domonic Norrish gives us a fabulous example for a 5-year-plan to embed change. She describes us a case in one school, and the way it adapted the new technology. The 5 stages include: plan & test, staff training, partial rollout, full rollout and eventually embedded.

7.   Four Steps to Effective Change Management for HR

Stacy M. Browning reminds us that despite change management being a common procedure in the business today, the majority of organizations fail to implement it. She presents 4 steps that will help us to get through this process successfully.

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