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My Favorite Articles This Week

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My Favorite Articles This Week

This week I read some very interesting articles discussing change management. We can learn from them the difference between change and transformation, some very helpful practices for change management, how can we overcome the natural fear of change and how to reinforce the commitment of our employees to this process.

1.   5 Steps which help you embrace change

Change management is a required step that every business has to take at one time or another. Nevertheless, it is not an easy step to take, and in order to make it a successful one we need to embrace the change.

Here are 5 exercises that will help us to embrace it. The one I like the most is number 2 – Break the change into small actions. When we look at the change as a whole, it might be frightening, but if we disassemble it into smaller pieces, we make the process more reasonable to achieve and much less impossible.

2.   Untold View of Fearing Change

As said earlier, we fear change, and probably for good reasons. Our brain does not like the uncertainty, we tend to want thing to stay as they are. Hence, we are afraid of making decisions. This article tries to give us some advices to overcome this fear of change. I find the statement about the common mistake of overreliance on existing decision-making processes very true.

3.   8 Best Practices for Change Management in Social Business

Virginia Ulrich gives as 8 tips regarding change management in this great article. This short list includes some do’s and don’ts that will help us implement change management in a better fashion. I highly appreciate the 7th practice – Share results early and often. Whether you are happy or nor with the results, sharing it and telling the full story all along the process is very essential for maintain a good momentum.

4.   The Difference Between Change and Transformation

Lynda Bourne talks about a common misunderstanding of many organizations. As Change management became an ordinary practice within organizations, there is still confusion between change and transformation. When change refers to a finite, well defined shift in several aspects of work, transformation’s object is comprehensive and fundamental change in the organization. The way we deal with both also differs.

5.   The Change Curve

Once the change finally was implemented, all the systems were replaced, and you trained everyone, it is still not the end of the process. Since organizations don’t just change because structures and systems, but because the people within it who need to adapt to the change. In this article you can find the interesting model of the change curve, which can help you to accelerate and improve change. The model contains 4 stages. In the first stage for example, the reaction of the employees will be shock and denial.

6.   Seeing Red At a Stoplight: Rapid Anger Adaptation

What can we learn from a broken traffic light about change? In this short and interesting article, we can see that a big lesson can be learnt from this odd situation, when we have to rely on ourselves again and not on technology. Read this article to understand what exactly are the circumstances of this case study on change implementation in general.

7.   7 Tips to Help Build Trust When Implementing Change

Changed, as claimed repeatedly, may deter the employees, as they are already used to work in a certain manner. If managed poorly, it may also lead to unwanted results and eventually to harm the productivity. In this article we offer 7 tips that can help you to strengthen the employees trust during this difficult process. One of the most important of them all is the 4th, communicate the necessity of change rather than give plain direction will increase the understanding of the employees in this process and will improve their commitment to it.

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