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No Pain November: Addressing the Change Management Pain Points

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No Pain November: Addressing the Change Management Pain Points

No pain, no gain. You’ve heard that one right? While that may hold true in the gym, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be true when it comes to change management.


All those pain points you’ve experienced in the past, all those difficulties while implementing a change, we’re going to help you fix them now because it’s no pain November!

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Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation is a continuous activity, not just a one-time project.” says Rahul Gupta, Capgemini vice president of enterprise applications. “By starting with the end customer, companies can better ensure that their efforts will have the greatest impact and largest return on investment.”

This interview is great for explaining both how to deal with digital transformation pain points as well as the dismissing the stigma that software change management is only for big companies. Well worth a view.

How to Make Change Matter using Change Canvases

Jill Forbes explains to us how disaster can strike when key team members aren’t aware of certain details of the change, or simply just forget. The simple but extremely creative solution to this pain point is the creation of a change canvas. The canvas that has the real possibility to be a game changer in organizational change.

Leading Change Management for Project Success

The next pain point that Cory Emmett helps us address is the structure of change. Often we get caught up in the software training aspect and forget to address the vulnerabilities of the change. The human aspect.


Implementing Change

Designing the change is one thing. In a nice sterile environment, with a whiteboard maybe? Then comes the challenging part when you need to implement it. This is usually where things start to go wrong. Which is why I have enlisted this blog by Susan M. Heathfield. Susan helps us duck, weave and avoid so many potential pain points.


Most Common M&A Pain-Points

It’s not something I usually blog on, but it is something extremely relevant in change management – I’m talking about M&A or mergers and acquisitions. When two companies are merged together or one company acquires another, there are changes aplenty. With this, just as many potential problems arise. The differences in mentality and culture can often be points of disagreement.


Which is why Robert Half Canada explain the solutions to many of the Most Common M&A Pain-Points.


NFL Success Driven by Organizational Change Management

Kelsey Allen draws on the similarities between football and organisational transformation. This is one of the most creative analogies that I have seen in a while and I think that what stands out is the way she seamlessly compares the players to employees. An example is when she says “notice that some team members aren’t paying attention to the correct calls, plays and/or coaching while on and off the field.”

Hopefully, it should help you sidestep a tackle or two.  


20 Change Management Lessons from Working Over 20 years in Change

Training is useful, but there’s no substitute for experience. Alli Polin has twenty years of experience in the change management field, and while the field has changed drastically in that time, there is still no doubt that there is much to be learnt from this article.


How To Get Employees to Embrace Change in 60 Seconds

So often we expect different results even though we are not willing to change our behavior. In this blog post, I discuss the three aspects of the ‘circle of change’: Seeing, Doing, Receiving and then back to Seeing again. It only takes 60 seconds to read.



Let the Change Blog ease your pain this November!

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