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Recommended IT Change Management Software

Recommended IT Change Management Software

With IT’s role changing but becoming further cemented as integral in this technology-centric business world, a unique set of problems has arisen, and they were inevitable problems at that. Since technology changes constantly, and things become obsolete at an economic rate, the need for IT change management software is a big one.

The problem is, there’s not much out there that really specializes in facilitating this. Heck, there’s not much change management software in general that’s worth talking about at any length, let alone something so specific as IT change management software. I think this isn’t an oversight in the market or on the part of the developers, but rather, I don’t think many people are sure how such software should really work.

As someone with experience in software design, IT and change management all three, I admit I’m remiss in saying exactly how such software ought to work, myself.

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All this said, is there anything at all out there that can help? Yes.

#1 – HP Service Anywhere

This is a general help desk and change management system. It has the advantage of being a big name, which at least shows you that it’ll be as capable as software of this type can be right now.

It offers a powerful tailoring suite, simple processes, self-service, easy administration, configurable data handling, and the like. It’s reliable and compatible with most web smart devices, so … it’s probably the best thing going right now in such a limited category.

HP is known for their solid designs, so it’ll probably work well enough. It’s not really IT specific, but nothing is right now.

#2 – e-ServiceSuite

This one is actually a bit more centered around IT, but it’s more about tracking upgrades, replacements and usage of resources than something specifically about change management within IT.

However, since these are the metrics you’ll need to work with in order to work on change, this system works for you. Just, some change management aspects may be a bit more manual than you really wanted.

It still offers on-site and cloud designs, ITSM, on demand solutions, LADP integration and much more.

#3 – SupportDesk from House-on-the-Hill

This one’s another one like e-ServiceSuite, but less tuned for IT, once more. It bills itself as a change and asset management tool along with service and helpdesk functionality as well.

Its features are pretty much the same as the others on this list, though it also bills incident and problem management features as well. It’s allegedly pretty strong for this kind of work.

IT change management software is already far more extensive in variety and specialty and will become more diversified in the future. It’ll be interesting when they actually do something more specific and capable around IT change management in the future.

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