Strategic Thinking Vs. Tactical Thinking – The key differences, and why it doesn’t need to be one or the other.

Looking for a big change? Here’s a starting point. 

To sum up the key differences between a strategy and a tactic is simple: A strategy is your overall plan to achieve your goals, while a tactic is a method used to implement the intended strategy. However, where it becomes more challenging is when one analyzes the nuances between a strategy and tactic.

This infographic, by Jeffrey Kimball, breaks down the process that should be behind your planning of the strategies and the tactics you intend on using in Change Management.

When dealing with the strategic aspect, we are thinking long term. Therefore fewer meetings are required to establish these goals. Your main strategy meetings should take place at the start of the change process. Set clear guidelines for your team. This is the time to impress your Change vision and set clear guidelines.

The quarterly meetings need to be more geared to reassessing and rethinking your initial strategy. Make sure you are on track.

The monthly meetings are where you come closer to analysing tactics: what are your goals for the month? How do you intend on implementing them?

Finally, we have our daily/weekly meetings. Personally, I would recommend weekly meetings – daily meetings tend to get tedious and disrupt the daily workings. Another piece of advice is to hold these weekly meetings in a relaxed setting so that the team will be more encouraged to air their thoughts. This is vital when discussing the tactics that you will be using in the implementation of your change strategy. Manage the change, before the change manages you.




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