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The Greatest Reads in Change Management

The Greatest Reads in Change Management

Improving Business Change Management Through Social Media Strategies

Studies and surveys have shown that CM within organizations and companies is worth investing in. But are we prepared for the roadblocks that come in the way of a successful change in a business setting? Don Holley article is sure to prepare you for successful CM.

Change Management: Immovable Object Versus Unstoppable Force?

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Everyone is talking about bringing change to their organization. But there are challenges along the way. Arvind Parthiban explains his theory of immovable object vs unstoppable force (change) in the context of a typical organization.

How to: Change Management in Enterprise Technology Projects

With remarkable growth of digital media, companies can no longer afford to stick to old ways of doing things at the workplace. Changing enterprise technology is necessary to facilitate smooth workflows and enhance sharing of critical marketing assets. Join Irina Guseva as she discusses the all-important topic of CM in enterprise technology projects.

Change Management and HR: So happy together

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing today is evolution of HR departments. CM practices seem to be supporting HR departments to achieve their vision of becoming a voice at the c-level. This author shares his two cents on how CM and HR are intertwined (this is an interview article).

3 Great Barriers to Software Change Implementation

People are naturally fearful of changes. And this might make your task of upgrading your organizations software twice harder than it normally should be. I have identified 3 great barriers that make it difficult for companies to successfully implement software upgrades.

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