Change Management WalkMe TeamFebruary 15, 2015

The Week in Change Management

The Week in Change Management

This week’s best in Change Management identifies the impact of critical benefits software, identifies some weeds in the change garden, and even looks at how to master your own change management.

1. 8 Ways to Master Change Management
In this article by Howard Baldwin, he outlines just what is required of CIOs in order to master change management. Forget about the micro definition of change. Baldwin’s article takes a broader look at the macro, structured approach to change.

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2. Can Benefits Management Software Change Your Company for the Better? 

Shawn Jenkin’s article outlines the advantages available from benefits management software. From leveraging a healthier workforce to offering competitive benefits packages, Jenkin’s article showcases the advantages of this new technological solution.

3. Managing the Weeds of Change
In this article by Jones Loflin, he approaches change management like a gardener and is able to clearly point out the “weeds” in the change management process.

4. 3 Continuous Improvement Initiatives to Consider

Finally in this article we tackle improvement initiatives that you should consider. From communicating your intentions to tracking and registering, we hope that this article helps you make considerable improvements in the change process.

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