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The Week’s Best Articles in Change Management

The Week’s Best Articles in Change Management

From defining change management to employee productivity during times of great change, this week’s best in change offers something for every CM professional.

1. When Does Managing Change Become Change Management?

This article by Ariel Rak helps identify the difference between change management and managing change. If you’re not sure exactly why these terms should be different, or how they are different, you’ll enjoy the insights provided here.

2. 6 Keys to Change Management: Why Willpower Alone Isn’t Enough

Ken Krogue’s article on change management helps us better understand business transformations by outlining insights from Ron McMillan, author of two successful change management books.

3. Is Your Change Management Process Agile?

In this article by Nicole Tate she outlines the many ways in which you can make your change management process more agile, and how to indicate just what change management processes in your own organization may need work.

4. Change Management – What Makes You Think You Can Handle It?

In this article by GetApp, change management is defined and then an 8 point checklist is given to help you define the ways in which you can boost the possibility of change success.

5. 5 Practical Ways to Boost Employee & Team Productivity During a Change Initiative

Then there is this article, which is one of my own.  We know change isn’t easy, so this article helps to identify some practical methods to help boost employee and team productivity even during large scale change initiatives.

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