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The Week’s Best Articles in Change

The Week’s Best Articles in Change

1. Three Ways to Actually Engage Employees

Michael Mankins writes this article about the importance of engaging with your employees so that structural barriers to success are removed and that your meetings and interactions with people accomplish what they set out to.

2. The Bottom Line of Authentic Leadership: Character, Context and Competence

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This article by Emma Murphy is a great outline of just what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leadership. Authentic leaders aren’t that hard to spot after Murphy helps to sort out what exactly differentiates leaders from managers.

3. Leading Change: If It Doesn’t Bring Value, We Shouldn’t be doing it

Ron Thomas’ article helps us better understand the importance of re-learning marketing in a changing world. From doing away with performance management to new and creative solutions, this article delivers several solid new ideas.

4. 10 Truths about Change Management

This article by Scott Span helps articulate some of the hard truths about change management in an constantly changing time.

5. 3 Reasons for Change this Summer

This article about making effective changes is timely and important. It involves goal setting and being intentional about progress this summer.

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