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The Week’s Best in Change Management

The Week’s Best in Change Management

1. McKinsey Research: IT Needs a Kick in the Keister

Michael Krigsman’s article outlines the trouble people have with IT and the effect of that perception on their business model. He argues that simply being an infrastructure provider is no longer sufficient for today’s businesses.

2. How to Walk A Crooked Path to Success
This article by the Leadership Freak gives us all permission to wander a little on the road to success. He argues that the path to success may never be straight but that these bends in the road are not failures or weakness.

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3. Change Management is Bigger than Leadership
This article by Cassie Solomon and Gregory Shae points out the importance of true leadership in times of change. This is the kind of leadership, which does far more than fancy speeches or directions. The kind of leadership that Shae and Solomon outline is about actually getting to the source of the leadership style, and their ability to motivate and follow through on a plan.

4. Defining Change Management Metrics
This article helps you create change management metrics that will more accurately measure change, collect data and which will provide you with information about the scope of this change.


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