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The Week’s Best in Change

The Week’s Best in Change

1. Five Valid Reasons People are Mad at your Change Initiative

This article by Heather Stagl provides excellent insight into why we push back against change. Whether the change is inconvenient, confusing, or involves too steep a learning curve, Stagl’s article shows us just why sometimes change isn’t always great.  Always good to know why people are mad at me.

2. Change Management: 10 Common Myths that Can Get in the Way

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Scott Span is an Organizational Development and Change Management professional who wrote this article to help us better understand the obstacles to effective change and change management. Knowing the myths is half the battle.

3. How to Avoid Collaboration Fatigue

This article by Nick Tasier is a great look at the trouble that comes with excessive collaboration. He gives some strong insights into the kinds of tradeoffs there are in the decision making process and within the team environment.

4. The Chaos of Change: 3 Keys to Leading Through Transitions

Ilon Michari’s article is a guide to managing your team through transition and change. This article will help you find informal leadership within your group, better involve all layers of the organization and to make the best of your existing corporate culture.

5. What Makes a Change Process Fail

Finally this article will help you better understand the role of leadership and management in the change process. It will also lend insight into how you may be hindering adequate conditions, resources and continuous improvement.

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