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This Month’s Best Change Management Articles

This Month’s Best Change Management Articles

Are you ready for this month’s roundup? I have gathered this wonderful and useful information, aimed specifically towards you guys – the people who are in charge of making changes.

Change management is very difficult. The familiar saying, “Change is easy — you go first” reflects the ambiguous feeling most of us have when it comes to actually doing it. It’s also the sentiment that explains why over 75% of culture-change efforts fail. These 5 articles are all about the obstacles and struggles that may come your way, and how you can overcome them and prevent them from dragging you behind.

6 Points along an Entrepreneur’s Journey to Change Management

When great beginnings have poor endings, change pioneers are left disappointed. But change efforts can be salvaged. First and foremost, it takes guts. Courage involves defying the skeptics by taking bold steps forward that depart from the more comfortable past. It means championing the vision even in the face of temporary setbacks and defeats. The way you react to the 6 conflicts along a process of change can determine your chance to achieve your goals.

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5 Tips for Staying Focused & Productive

Overseeing organizational change processes can be overwhelming — there is so much resting on your shoulders that it’s easy to feel discombobulated. If you are able to reduce the pressure, even by a little bit, then you can stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. By implementing the 5 tips presented in this article, you can make the difference between staring at your laptop screen and actually making things happen.

Five Steps to Reducing Fear of Change at Work

Change in every culture is often accompanied by the effects of fear. How can you ease the minds of your employees by ensuring them that change at work is for the better? The key is to let them be a part of it. Encouraging dialogues about the upcoming changes, and making possible adjustments in accordance to you team’s approach will sure make a difference and can minimize the effects of fear and tense amongst your employees.

Change Management from the Inside Out

Internal change can be just as much or perhaps even more of a management challenge, and the implications of how we deal with that change – particularly at the leadership level – are critical. Change is more factual, while transition is psychological. Therefore, understanding the needs and wants of those we work with in times of change (which is all the time) is more important than ever.

How Integrated Business Planning Supports Change Management

As individuals we have no problem making everyday decisions such as whether or not to buy a new smartphone, or miss a family event. Organizations, however, often struggle and are slow to react – especially when it comes to adopting a change. This article offers a solution to the obstacles that appear in processes of change management, in the shape of integrated business that can improve employee alignment with the executive team’s strategy.


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