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This Week’s Articles in Change Management

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This Week’s Articles in Change Management

In this week’s best in Change Management, we take a hard look at workplace communication around big changes including big moves, and hard opposition.

1. Change Management & Continuous Delivery: Clash or Harmony

Andrew Philips article helps us rethink the traditional and outdated CM approach of meetings and spreadsheet checklists. If you’re routinely facing bottlenecks and delays, Philips’ article will help you make change in change.

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2. 10 Change Management Practices That Can Ease Workplace Moves

In this article by VOA’s Angie Lee, she outlines some strategies which can ease workplace moves. Particularly, she pays close attention to the need to ease workers into a new environment. Whether this is with site tours, welcome packages, or through an internal website to ease transition concerns, Lee’s article offers solid strategies for change.

3. Defining a Regulatory Change Management Process

Michael Rasmussen’s article outlines the importance of a regulatory change management process and the value of a regulatory change process.

4. The Truth About People and Change – And What to Do About It

In Tara Seagar’s article she gets to the bottom of the real reasons that people hate change. Then she offers up excellent strategies on how to address their needs.

5. Change Vs. Transformation – Understanding the Difference

Finally in this article, we tackle the difference between change and transformation. In particular we focus on why both are important elements in a business.


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