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This Week’s Best Articles in Change

This Week’s Best Articles in Change

#1 – 6 Steps to Overcome Workplace Frustrations and Insecurity

Randy Conley’s article about overcoming workplace frustrations is a solid one. We’ve all been affected by reshuffling, reorganizing, rehiring, role modification and more. There is something uncomfortable about just how much change there is in our lives. But this article does a great job outlining just how to manage some of our worst insecurities.

#2 – How to Lead when Employees Don’t want to Follow

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Will Yakowicz’s article on effective leadership is a solid one. Not only is it a great read for management, but also for those in non-leadership positions. From the 20-50-30 principle, to promising (honestly) problems from the start, these are great change management solutions.

#3 You Can’t Delegate Change Management

This article by Ron Ashkenas is an important one for all managers. Who hasn’t worked for a manager who shirks change management responsibility or disappears altogether during times of upheaval? As this article states, its pretty common. Making change-related announcements is important but so to is being there. This article emphasizes why.

#4 – 3 Tips on Adapting to Change

This article outlines the important ways we can adapt to change positively. From realizing the importance of change in current situations to improving your skills so you are more effective in a changing workplace this article has solid points to consider for all.

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