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This Week’s Best in Change Management

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This Week’s Best in Change Management

Five Tips for Managing Project Change Requests

Change in any department needs to be effected with utmost care and diligence. Failure to do that, the IT teams and business users will have a pretty rough time. Elizabeth Harrim keenly analyzes five steps to managing project change requests, seamlessly.

Avoid Extinction: Become A New Breed CXO (4 Must Do’s for CIOs and CMOs

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

CIOs and CMOs need to change their tact or else risk losing relevance in a fast evolving world. Christine Comaford compares the Darwinian theory of evolution to some changes that are taking place today. She suggests some tips for CIOs and CMOs who want to survive and remain relevant.

What Is Change Management?

Everybody is talking about change. But what is change and how does it affect different departments? John Ryan Shaw talks about this.

Navigating Organizational Change

Although change is good for any company that wishes to keep evolving with time, if not done the right way it can badly interfere with the flow of work at the workplace. Jason Little narrates to us how one such change caught him by surprise. He recommends various strategies on how to go about effecting change (successfully) without causing panic/confusion/shock.

Great Video-Change Management in 1 Minute

Check out this great video I found- it explains change management in 1 minute.

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