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This Week’s Best in Change

This Week’s Best in Change

From improved communication to recognizing and handling resistance, this weeks’ best in change have a variety of tips for change professionals which are sure to have you better facilitating change.

1. EA success demands change management

Admire Moyo delves into the world of Enterprise Architecture (EA), and discusses how they need to be supported by powerful change management strategies. He quotes thought leader Stuart Macgregor CEO of Real IRM who speaks about his personal experiences leading change in his own company.

2. Hearing From a Change Leader – Jason Eagleton

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This article by WiserChange outlines an interview with Jason Eagleton, former Manager of Human Resources for Power Serve. Eagleton’s description of his experience managing organizational change and his experience keeping “change-fit” helps put change leadership in perspective.

3. 5 Steps for Leading Through Adaptive Change
Brent Gleeson writes about the difference between leadership and management, specifically as it relates to change. His 5 steps for better leadership through adaptive change helps to clarify the role of a leader in managing conflict, shaping the norms for the business and even protecting and directing employees and responsibilities.

4. What Do You Do When Creating Change Backfires?

This article by David Bator provides solid advice for managing change within the work environment, particularly to avoid failure. He argues that too often forcing change has disastrous consequences.

5. How to Reduce Employee Resistance to Change

This article addresses some key ways to counter employee resistance to change. Whether you’re new to change management, or a seasoned professional, these tips will help you understand what the most common fears are in those who are most threatened by change, and how to communicate your change processes effectively.

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