Change Management News WalkMe TeamOctober 14, 2014

This Week’s Best Reads in Change Management

This Week’s Best Reads in Change Management

This week’s best in change management bring us some great stories about change management process changes, new technology for change management and even some insights from industry leaders.

1. Culture and Change Management Key to Digital Delivery at AGL

In Nadia Cameron’s article covers AGL’s customer experience concerns and their opinions on “digital disruption” and how they’re handling both.


2. Set Expectations for Change Management

Monika McMahon’s article about talks about refining your change management vision in order to really get people involved, on board and managing change related expectations.
3. If You Want Today’s Customers, Change Your Old Sales Process 

Ian Altman’s article discusses how to revamp your old and tired sales processes in favor of new and more successful ones.  Altman presents a variety of ways to do this from leveraging the support of CRM software to setting the stage for better sales.

4. Change Management Require a Compelling Story

Torben Rick’s article is an insightful piece on the need for excellent and compelling communications throughout change. Rick calls this the change story and makes the case for the right story for your change process.

5. Technology Change Management Process Guide

Finally in this article we tackle the role of technology in the change process. If you’re not leveraging some technical expertise in your change process, you’re missing out. Check out this article for some insights on how to work with technology to make things better documented and easier to handle.

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